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Once an Atheist, always an Atheist: Don't Count On It!
Dec. 9, 1998
Yes, existence is full of cosmic jokes. An English writer of the early 20th century, G.K. Chesterton, wrote an essay on God's sense of humor. He points out that the New Testament shows Jesus happy, sad, angry, tired, discouraged, zealous, etc. In fact, Christ displays every human emotion which is not sinful except one: an obvious sense of humor (leaving aside some the implicit humor involved in the Key Stone Cop-like sequences with the Apostles). Chesterton suggests that this omission is deliberate: that if God had revealed his humor directly, we would all die of laughter:)

And so the divine sense of humor sneaks up on us in the quotidian and mundane.....the village atheist becomes a priest. What a delicious joke on us all!

Priest J. Scott Newman
GS '79 West

Governor's School 1971
OK, GSers from '71.  Let's get that contact information sent in.  We have only three email addresses known among the 400 students of that year.  Send me some email.  We would all love to hear from each other.  During GS, I stayed in the Lehman Hall, and we used to call ourselves the Lehman Lovers!  Hey guys! Where are you now?  So make yourself known and tell us the whereabouts of other GSers.   See you in Email!

Sam Sanders  GS '71,  Art

 Winter Art Auditions Day, 1971

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